Engineering Design

Exove Contracting Services Pte Ltd (Exove) is an experienced company in the scaffolding industry, capable of fulfilling all your scaffolding design requirements. Our design team includes Chartered/PE design engineers and junior engineers, who specialize in handling complex structural designs, especially temporary structures such as scaffolding. We provide comprehensive design reports along with proper 2D or 3D drawings to meet your needs. Site visits and inspections are carried out before providing design and  conceptual drawings to ensure that we provide the best solutions that comply with relevant regulations and industry codes of practice. All drawings are produced using Autocad and presented with the highest level of professionalism. We can undertake scaffolding design, ranging from small-scale systems to major project applications.


Exove Contracting Services Pte Ltd (Exove) offers on-site training programs tailored to meet individual or organizational requirements. Our scaffolding training programs, ranging from basic scaffolding awareness to comprehensive scaffolding inspection-related activities, are designed to improve the knowledge of individuals, regardless of their job position. We may provide scaffolding training as a complimentary package
to clients who continuously incorporate our other services.

On-site Supervision and Inspections

Exove Contracting Services Pte Ltd (Exove) provides customized scaffolding inspection procedures to meet each client’s requirements. All inspections are carried out by certified technical personnel trained in handling scaffoldingrelated activities. We provide one-off or several visits to the scaffolding site location for inspections, regular monitoring, and supervision of the temporary structure as per the client’s requirement. We also provide project management activities related to scaffolding-related temporary structures.


Exove Contracting Services Pte Ltd (Exove) undertakes modification proceedings related to scaffolding structures such as steel brackets, trusses, and other scaffolding erections. All modification components are performed by certified and wellexperienced welders and technicians under the supervision of technical officers and engineers.


The drawings and design reports provided by Exove Contracting Services Pte Ltd (Exove) are certified by a Chartered Engineer/Professional Engineer. We provide mill certificates and test reports for each product supplied by the company. Additionally, we offer 3rd party certifications for welding works, Pull out tests, and other necessary tests.