Scaffold shoring is a temporary structure designed to support concrete casting until it reaches the necessary strength to carry its weight and other loads.

Exove provides various types of Scaffold Shoring which may include:

Heavy-duty shoring

Heavy-duty shoring is most suitable for infrastructure projects such as bridges, decks, viaducts, E-Decks & transfer plates in residential projects, and heavy industrial & commercial projects. Exove’s heavy-duty shoring is designed to support slabs, beams, and other horizontal formwork. We offer two types of heavyduty shoring: HERC-60 and Ringlock.

Light-duty Shoring

Light-duty shoring is generally used in lightweight structures to support slabs, beams, and other horizontal formwork. Lightweight shoring is economically efficient, especially for low-rise residential projects. Exove offers two types of light-duty shoring: Frame system and adjustable steel props.

Exove shall recommend suitable types of shoring systems based on the project’s structural requirements.